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  • Cooperate with the Vice-President for Research  in enforcing the University Council ratification and the decisions of the Vice-President Council
  • Propose to the University Council concerning the following:
    • Improve conditions and remove obstacles to research
    • Cooperate with the private sector in conducting research projects and determine means of working with research centers of the University.
    •  Examine the possibility of providing research service for various organizations in order to overcome the needs of the country, region, and the province, and also provide means to facilitate cooperation between the University and industrial centers.
  • Prepare and formulate the various research regulations for proposal to higher authorities.
  • Review and express proposals  about problems which the University Council together with the Vice-Chancellor for Research present to the Council.
  • Approve the research projects of the University.
  • Encourage academic members to write and translate books and scholarly articles.
  • Evaluate and approve qualifications of candidates who seek to join the research institutes of the University.
  • Determine and propose a general framework for implementing research results and improving the scientific and technical standards of the country.
  • Plan the sabbatical leaves of the faculty members.
  • Propose the research goals and policies of the University.



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