The Vice-President's Council

The vice-president's council is composed of the president and the vice-presidents of the university. The president is appointed by the minister of science ,research and technology.

The vice-presidents are also appointed by the university president according to regulations. Acceptance of their resignation or their replacement is also part of the president's responsibility. At present , Bu Ali Sina University has four vice-presidents as follows :

golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Academic Affairs
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Administration and Finance
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Research
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Student Affair


golddot.gif (62 bytes)Facilitate implementation of  the regulations of the Supreme Cultural Revolutionary Council and the regulations and memorandums approved by the ministry.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Propose an administrative chart for the internal administration of the university to the board of trustees by the university   president.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Assess the means by which the decision of the vice-president's council is enacted and supervise the performance of the various branches of the University.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Encourage public contributions to the university and facilitate the university towards self-sufficiency.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Review the financial and business transactions of the university in order to be discussed at the board of trustees and prepare proposals, plans and programs which need to be included in the agenda of the board.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Propose the annual budget of the University to the board of trustees through the president of the university.

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