The University Council


The University Council is composed of the president , the vice-presidents , dean of Faculties , dean of junior colleges  and head of graduate studies . The dean of  faculties and  junior colleges are appointed by the university president for four years.

At present , members of  the University Council are:

golddot.gif (62 bytes)President
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Academic Affairs
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Administration and Finance
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Research
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Vice-President for Student Affairs
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of Agriculture Faculty
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of Art and Architecture Faculty
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of Engineering Faculty
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of Literature and Humanities Faculty
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of Science Faculty
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of  Malayer Higher Education Center
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of Veterinary Medicine Junior School
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Dean of Nahavand Physical Education Junior School
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Head of Graduate Studies


golddot.gif (62 bytes)Evaluate and confirm new academic fields and programs for proposal to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Evaluate and confirm proposed short term academic and research programs.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Evaluate methods for cooperation with governmental and non-governmental agencies and determine the criteria for such cooperation.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Plan the admission of students according to the University potential and in accordance with the developmental plans of the country.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Review the problems which the University President has included in the Council agenda.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Assess the academic and research problems of the University and provide adequate solutions and a general evaluation of the University performance.
golddot.gif (62 bytes)Evaluate and approve the proposed plans and programs of the specialized councils and prepare and approve the internal rules of order and the regulations pertaining to internal committees of the Council.

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