General Information and History of BASU


  • The first steps  for forming and founding  Bu-Ali Sina University was taken after a treaty  between   Iran  and France governments  in Esfand
    1351(February 1973).

  • This university was established in 1353(1975), and started its academic activities with the admission of several students in a few programs.

  • This process was continued until 1358 (1979) for ten educational programs. After the cultural revolution in universities, Bu-Ali Sina university commenced its activities with fundamental changes in the educational programs.

  • Therefore we can say the beginning point for what exists at present, is after the Islamic revolution of Iran. At present  , Bu-Ali Sina University has five Faculties , one Higher Education Complex and two Junior school. Faculties include: Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering , Faculty of Literature and Humanities , Faculty of Science , Malayer Junior Faculty of Education and Junior School of Veterinary Medicine.

  • The University has about 300 full-time faculty members who have graduated from different universities around the world and Iran. The university also has about 7000 students who are studying in 63 educational programs at B.Sc. , M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels and about 45000 students have graduated from the university since 1976.

  • This university has 32 departments , most of which admit students at B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels. Therefore, this university is moving toward a bright future with assured steps, and it will create and develop more suitable methods to meet the basic needs of this province and region like educating expert and skillful persons and supporting the government organization.